Cutting Edge Media Publications is a division of Cutting Edge Media, Inc., a pioneer in the home business industry, publishing business opportunity magazines since 1991. Our unique distribution method—direct mailing to new, pre-qualified home business prospects—has made our publications the top choice for business opportunity advertisers.

We have 18 years of experience working with clients who all want the same thing: a HIGH VOLUME of QUALITY LEADS at a LOW COST PER LEAD.

Because we publish our own magazines that reach up to 125,000 new prospects per month, and we represent publishers with opportunity magazines on the newsstand we can literally get
your ad in front of millions of prospects and deliver you a huge savings at the same time.

We have a variety of ad packages–from inch ads to cover stories–for every type of budget. Additionally, we offer ad co-op programs for advertisers interested in sharing the ad cost with their team.

It has always been our goal to help advertisers maximize their investment by placing their ad in magazines that generate a high quantity of interested leads. Our expertise has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs build their businesses and increase their incomes to impressive levels.
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